How to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

To start earning out of YouTube, you need to have 1000 subscribers at the minimum, but that is not. You also need 4000 hours of watch time on your YouTube channel. Below we will explain to you some ways in how you can achieve your goal to get YouTube subs.

Increase your interaction with your audience

If you start looking at your viewers as family, you try to put in efforts to converse with them or make them happy in multiple ways. Like, you were replying to their comments, following back some of their channels. This way, you can form a community, a family who supports each other.

You can make your videos interactive, too, by mentioning at the end of your videos how vital your next video will be, and it will increase their anticipation. This hype needs special attention to your flow of content.

Keep creating content

Regularly start creating content, and do not let anything stop you. Closely review the criticism and support coming out, which is visible in the comment section. Then draw your content in a way that works for your audience.  There are different types of people out there. Some will subscribe to you on the first video of yours they will see, and some will watch a couple of them and decide if they like to subscribe to your channel.

Insert SEO into your youtube platform

It is high time that we start taking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seriously when designing content for our YouTube platforms. Many of us do not know this concept yet. SEO is a way to use extensive keyword research in your content to find what people are searching for and then use that keyword in your title as clickbait — also included in the vocabulary of your video content, video descriptions, and video tags. As YouTube is listening and watching everything you put on your platform, if you want YouTube subs, focus on your videos’ SEO use.

Choose your thumbnail wisely.

Thumbnail is a still image of 1280x720px, which displays as a cover for your video. Take that as your first step to attract the YouTube community towards your channel. Make sure your first step is captivating and drawing the viewer towards your video but make sure your cover matches your content concept and is not just used as bait. Else, it can anger the viewer. The video title and thumbnail should also coordinate to bind together smoothly and gives the viewer an excellent experience.

Those of you who are already creators or on the road to start with their YouTube career, make sure you keep in mind the above ways to monetize your content. Most importantly, those who want to succeed should keep in mind that it is the community you are building for yourself, and it will be based accordingly to what content you create and how you display it. Including how frequently you connect with the audience, staying invested.