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How to Recover After Being Hit By Panda?

Panda is one of the most important updates that can damage your site and its rankings in search results. It was released in 2011 when it first came out. This major change to search engine algorithms drastically changed how search engines work and what they look at while ranking sites. The main objective behind this update was to eliminate low-quality or irrelevant web pages from their index, which resulted in a lower page rank for these sites. If you have already lost the traffic due to the Panda update, then it is time to take action and recover that traffic. Here are some of the best steps which will help in getting back those sites affected by Panda. So, let’s explore the Google Panda recovery process.… Read More

7 Web Design Faux Pas to Avoid

Designing a website requires attention to detail and the knowledge of a few dos and don’ts. While there are many techniques to ensure a well designed and effective website, designers are still prone to making mistakes, some more common than others. Here are some of the most common mistakes that often make a huge difference. 1. Never Ending Pages One of the most common mistakes in the designing stage includes setting up long web pages. Users do not like to scroll endlessly unless your content is that impressive. It is best to provide different links for each page rather than listing it out on a single ‘never ending’ page. Most users require information pertaining to a specific topic and if your website does not deliver this information in the least time, you could risk losing several readers. 2. New Browser Windows Several designers tend to make their websites open new browser windows when a link is clicked. This step is taken by designers to ensure that the user returns to their site. This theory is merely a distraction as most… Read More

What is the difference between web designing and web development?

People sometimes use the same term interchangeably. These two words refer to different meanings. Web designers use programs like Adobe Photoshop to come up with visual layouts of a website page. A web designer needs to be very good at visual design. A web developer, on the other hand, requires the use of different coding languages and programs like HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. They use the design to create a functional web page. You can see that the two tasks require two different set of skills to develop a good web page. A web designer deals with visual elements in a page layout while the web developer is responsible for the programming section. These two people might work hand in hand, but the roles will be different. Web designing One of the most critical factor to consider during web design is the client’s objectives. Before designing that page, you need to understand what the client will use it for. After that, you can now embark on the design process. It may involve the use of programs such as Adobe… Read More