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5 Little Changes Which Will Turn Your House into Smart Home

The so-called “smart” home is essentially nothing more than a certain control system that controls the automatic operation of security equipment and other things. This intelligent system independently recognizes changes in the room and responds to them accordingly. With the development of modern technology, everyone has the opportunity to turn their home into a smart one. How to do it in 5 steps – let’s figure it out together.… Read More

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

Looking at different useful little things for the house, from various extension cords for sockets to programmable RGBW LED bulbs, you can’t help but wonder how to remember everything and not get confused by the massive variety of applications for controlling these or other devices. A solution in the form of Apple HomeKit comes to the rescue, and it’s perfect because you can connect almost all the smart devices into one common network under just one service. Isn’t this the solution we’ve all been waiting for? Well, let’s see what devices are worth buying in the first place and how it works.… Read More