African Theme Decor: Timeless African Furniture And Decor

We all agree good decor makes your home vibrant and appealing. It also gives you the confidence that your home looks good and can make your visitors both impressed and comfortable. Interior designers have embraced the different cultures worldwide and also encourage the use of African style in your home.

The African culture is so rich that it has been used in almost all parts of the house from the living room, to the kitchen and even the bathroom. It is vast as the cultures vary from one community to another and can be easily blended in with the modern decors.

What are some of the artifacts that one can use to decorate their homes from Africa?

Woven sisal baskets

These can either be hanged inside or outside on walls. They bring out a colorful aspect in the house especially when different sizes or colors are used.

They are easy to make as one can just weave them themselves to the desired shape and size.

Earth brown paintings

Most of these bring life to the walls especially when they break a monotonous color. For example, if your walls are brightly colored and you want something to block the monotony, settle for a dull color such as earth brown.

The paintings are mainly African utensils such as gourde or huts since the outside material used to make them is mainly mud.

Black and white fabrics

Plain furniture can be covered with black and white fabrics. This brings a neutral color to the house as the colors blend with any other color.

Accent chairs both on the inside or the outside can be covered with such fabric to bring out a natural look.

Plain timber

I am sure you have noticed people are settling for plain furniture that is lightly furnished. Especially beds and side tables. This brings out simplicity and uniqueness.

Most people would prefer to have a random piece of wood with cute decorations such as a flowering plant or a mirrored tray.

Jungle photographic portraits

You have most likely noticed the BIG FIVE (Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, or Rhino) portraits in different homes. Some of these are real photographs while some are customized and painted in different colors.

They bring beauty in the wild from different parts of Africa into your home.

Animal printed carpets

A small piece of carpet can make your house stand out from the rest especially if it is unique. This is expensive as well but worth the value. Most of such carpets are not in the normal shape of a triangle, square or oval.

They come in multiple shapes to occupy less space and be more conspicuous.

In conclusion, bringing an African style to your home is easy as all you need is an eye for unique and attractive artifacts from Africa. Most stores can offer such and you can request an interior designer to blend the African culture into your home through the decors.