The Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

Looking at different useful little things for the house, from various extension cords for sockets to programmable RGBW LED bulbs, you can’t help but wonder how to remember everything and not get confused by the massive variety of applications for controlling these or other devices. A solution in the form of Apple HomeKit comes to the rescue, and it’s perfect because you can connect almost all the smart devices into one common network under just one service. Isn’t this the solution we’ve all been waiting for? Well, let’s see what devices are worth buying in the first place and how it works.

The best devices from Apple

The powerful smart speaker Apple HomePod is just made for real music and will give you uniform sound in 360 degrees. It knows how to adapt music playback to your surroundings. By directing the sound like beams, you can listen to your favorite music in any part of the room. The gadget has a low-frequency speaker with a customizable amplifier and six microphones for remote communication with Siri. The voice assistant is able to hear your request from afar, even while playing music. HomePod also supports one of the world’s best music portals, Apple Music. Experience a new level of sound at its best. It is very important to control the microclimate in your apartment and monitor the different indicators of air quality in your living space. Eve Room Apple HomeKit can help you with that. This device can control the humidity of the air with automatic control of the humidifier or air conditioner, air temperature, and the presence of volatile organic matter. When you’ve purchased Apple Homekit compatible accessories for your home, it’s time to take care of easy control of the devices as well. A special Xiaomi Aqara Hub smart home control module is ideal for this. It will allow you to synchronize all the smart devices in your home into one system for easy control. In order to connect the module is enough to install the phone application Aqara Home. With Aqara Hub and Siri voice assistant on your smartphone, you will be able to do any action. For example, tell Siri that you are home, and it will turn on the lights, play your favorite music, increase the temperature in the room, or lower the curtains on the windows.

What else can I buy?

For example, for a smart home, there is Xiaomi Aqara G2H Wi-Fi – an interesting camera with the ability to connect to the HomeKit system and shoot at night. This model is able to cover an angle of 140 degrees and works both in your home Wi-Fi network and via ZigBee protocol. In addition, you have the ability to specifically record short 15-second messages to loved ones on your network with the push of a single button on the camera. Another representative of the handy and high-quality devices designed for HomeKit integration is the Xiaomi Yeelight Halo LED Ceiling Light. You’ll be able to adjust the glow color and brightness specifically to your needs in any room. The sealed housing of the light, along with the long-lasting LEDs, will give you a long lifespan without replacement.

More safety

It’s never too late to protect your home, and conventional keyed door locks have long since lost their relevance in terms of security. The model of smart lock Xiaomi Aqara N100 works with new algorithms that will provide a reliable level of protection for your home. There is an opportunity to set a password, fingerprint, or open the lock with the help of an application. You have at your disposal a range of features provided by this lock for reliable protection.