What Type of Hemp Flower Has the Most CBD?

The use of CBD is now legal all across the USA. In 2018, a bill by the name of the Farm bill was passed that removed CBD and its related products from the Schedule I list of prohibited substances. The range of benefits it offers leads to new studies on not only how CBD influences a human organism, but also what are the best ways to take CBD. For now, it is estimated that Cannabidiol has more than 25,000 uses which makes it one of the most useful plants in the world. The changes in laws now mean that you can legally grow hemp flowers and other types of CBD products professionally all across the USA. One of the most critical factors for you, in this case, is the knowledge about the different kinds of hemp flowers. One of the most common questions in this regard is the type of flower that contains the highest amount of CBD. However, if you do not know the answer to this question, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the CBD hemp flowers and what type contains the most CBD.

What is hemp flower?

Firstly, it is essential to tell you what a hemp flower is. The female part of a cannabis plant produces a hemp flower as it reaches the maturity stages. These flowers have a high level of flavonoids, terpenes, and Cannabidiol. One crucial fact that you must know is that they not only look but also smell exactly like a cannabis flower. However, some differences exist between them. One of the most significant differences between both of them is that hemp flowers do not contain THC levels as substantial as the cannabis flowers. Also, the hemp flowers are smokable. However, if you are looking to smoke hemp flowers, you must use a specific form of hemp flower that is cultivated primarily for smoking. It will provide you a better experience.

What type of hemp flower has the highest amount of CBD?

Now that you know what a hemp flower is, it is time to tell you about the type of hemp flower that carries the highest amount of CBD. The kind of hemp flower that contains the highest amount of CBD is Harlequin. This type of hemp flower has CBD as much as 15%, which is far more than what other hemp flowers have. Another highly popular choice in this regard is the Cherry Wine hemp flower. It may not have a high level of CBD, but it offers an exquisite experience.


If you are looking to grow or use CBD hemp flower, you need to know about the type of hemp flower that has the highest level of CBD. The use of this information can come in handy on numerous different occasions. Also, you must be able to differentiate between the different forms of CBD plants and flowers. This way, you can avoid various confusions that you may potentially face when venturing to grow CBD plants.