Types of tiles you can use for outdoor patios

There is a great variety when it comes to choosing the best accessories for your outdoor patio. Everything ranging from something as basic as tiles to something like finished furniture is readily available both online and in physical retail outlets throughout the world. Tiles, for example, are used primarily because of the material they are made of. The material is the one that decides the overall look of the tiles and also determines the strength as well as the styling of the floor on which they are finally applied. People usually spend a lot of their time and money on shopping for the absolute best outdoor tile for patio since they are now considered as a very important and significant element that truly decides the final look of the patio.

Here we will talk in great detail about the different types of tiles that are available in the market today and those that can effectively help you decide what is the best type to complete the look and feel of your outdoor patio.

Ceramic Tiles

A very common and popular option of the tiles that are used in outdoor patios is the ceramic tile. These tiles are very traditional in nature and are a great addition to the outdoor patios. The ceramic tiles are usually very strong as well so you can be rest assured that they can serve to rough and tough use as well. The important thing to note, however, is that with ceramic tiles you have to make sure you choose the sturdier tiles because they can be used especially for the patios.

Quarry Tiles

Unlike popular belief, quarry tiles are not used from the material that is mined directly from natural quarries. Instead, these tiles are made exclusively from a very dense type of unglazed clay. The material used in the tiles gives them a very classy and strong finish, making it a very good choice when it comes to decorating your outdoor patio. The quarry tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also much more resistant to water. This feature means that the quarry tiles are not wet when exposed to more water. The only thing to really consider is the quarry tiles are not such a good option when it comes to the winters since the tiles themselves can become very cold and in some cases, can even give a freezing feeling. Therefore, one needs to be really careful in that regard.


The slate tiles are one of the better choices to avail for natural stones located in the outdoor patio locations. The slate tiles are usually very hard and extremely durable. They are perhaps the best option to have if you are looking to get something suitable for the long term. Unlike popular opinion, slate tiles are even available in a variety of different colors like purple, red, green, blue, brown, black, and so on.