How to Hire Remote Software Developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is considered to be a top outsourcing destination in Europe. You can hire software developers with extensive experience for competitive prices from a constantly growing talent pool.  

In this post, we are sharing tips about how to hire software developers or, if needed, an entire offshore outsourcing company.

Where Can You Find Software Developers in Ukraine? 

You can find Ukrainian software developers by:

  1. Hiring freelancers; 
  2. Turning to recruitment agencies; 
  3. Seeking talent at the job search platforms;
  4. Hiring outsourcing companies;
  5. Turning to IT staffing companies.

1. Freelancers

Hipster man working on computer flat design.

Freelancing is a type of employment when an employee works from his/her home in a flexible schedule. One of the benefits of freelancing is mobility. Many Ukrainian software developers travel and work on projects worldwide.

Such platforms as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, or LinkedIn allow finding a decent developer in a matter of hours. 

2. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are intermediaries between organizations looking for new workforce and job-hunters.  

What’s the benefit of hiring a Ukrainian recruitment agency? The apparent advantage is the lower price of services as compared to American or European agencies. Ukrainian recruiters are also more knowledgeable about the local job market.

3. Job Search Websites

The most traditional method of looking for employees is through browsing candidates’ resumes at job search websites. This method is cost-effective and allows you to access thousands of resumes. For instance, you can check out as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Guru, and similar resources. 

4. Outsourcing to Teams

IT outsourcing refers not only to the recruitment of individual IT specialists. It can also mean hiring teams or even companies to work on your software development projects.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Freelancer may be helpful when you’re looking for dedicated development teams as well. 

5. Staffing Companies

Staffing is a kind of employment when individual developers or entire development companies are recruited to work under your supervision in the staffing company’s office.  

Candidates are recruited based on clients’ specific requirements. Staffing companies make hiring decisions based on conducting interviews with candidates. It’s the time when the candidates’ tech stack and soft skills are checked.  

Staffing companies’ purpose is to connect clients with the best developers in Ukraine. Such companies are focused on providing dedicated teams, offshore development center (ODC), turnkey R&D centers, and relocation.  

Let’s take a look at each of these approaches. 

6. Dedicated Development Team

According to this model, the outsourcing vendor hires one or several dedicated programmers, rents offices for them, provides all the necessary equipment, and manages the office and HR.

7. Offshore Development Center

The outsourcing vendor opens an ODC in Ukraine when the client needs not only dedicated programmers but also a tech lead and project manager. 

8. R&D center

Turnkey R&D center is a solution that is becoming increasingly popular. A provider opens a separate office for the clients’ team, hires qualified software developers in Ukraine, and manages all office operations. Most of these R&D centers have a prospect of becoming local offices for the clients’ companies. 

9. Relocation

According to this model, the vendor hires Ukrainian developers for a client’s less valuable projects. If developers prove to match the requirements perfectly, they relocate to the client’s country to work in the main office (usually in Western Europe or the USA).