How to Create a Personal Style Mood Board on Pinterest

Creating stunning photos that populate our feeds and magazines takes a lot of work. Experts in the field are used to developing and implementing new ideas, but they rarely do so without first consulting a mood board. The mood board you put together before your photo shoot is an essential part of the process since it shows everyone involved the overall feel for the shoot. Your style is reflected in your mood board.

Your tale begins with a collection of photographs that showcase your favorite looks, including your hair and makeup, wardrobe, and poses. This will ultimately help you in your quest on ‘how to gain followers on Pinterest.’

Get the Materials You Need

Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need or at least a list of what you’ll need to buy for your mood board before you get started. Beyond fashion and beauty, you can find inspiration for magazine layouts, color palettes, and line drawings by perusing art, photography, and interior design books.

Follow Your Instinct

Find photographs in publications that speak to you and inspire you in your style, then tear them out. Ask yourself honestly if you would wear them. Consider the whole costume, not just the parts and the colors, patterns, textures, accessories, and jewelry. Now that you’ve exhausted your options for fashion and style magazines, it’s time to move on to other sources of visual inspiration.

If you have a Pinterest board called “My Style” or “Style Inspiration,” start there. Check your boards and copy the clothes that you would wear.

Materials used to produce or stimulate ideas include fabric, ribbon, a wallpaper sample, a paint card, flower petals, and so on.


Check your clippings to determine if there are any observable trends. Briefly describe the commonalities between the various discoveries: styles, color schemes, textures, and patterns.


Review your clippings, but this time with a more critical eye. Images you create should make people happy and excited. They should be reasonable as well. Evaluate how you spend your time. The clothes you wear must match the lifestyle you lead. You may have trouble finding something to wear if your closet doesn’t reflect your active lifestyle. If you have doubts about the picture, throw it away.

Set Things in Order and Sort Them

Clippings can be organized in various ways, such as by color, work/casual wear, pattern, etc. Do whatever helps you see your themes and makes the most sense graphically. Create a beautiful collage on your corkboard or poster board. Ultimately, you’ll have a board that reflects your sense of style and the impression you hope to make on others. You’ve earned a pat on the back for making your mood board because you’ve got great.

Head to Your Closet

Take your style mood board to your wardrobe and compare the clothes to those on your board.

Think about how you can reimagine some of the aesthetic choices you’ve made on your board. Shop your closet instead of going out to buy new clothes. Give them a try and see how they fit. Find out if the aesthetic and impression you want to convey are met. Be as detailed as possible while listing what you need to complete your new look.


Pinterest makes it simple to create inspirational collages to organize your thoughts and inspire you. Pinterest allows users to build individual boards for various sources of motivation.

Written by

Michelle Moore