How much does it cost to make a doctor appointment app?

The penetration of the internet and technology in every sector and industry was only a matter of time. One important that enjoys continuous advancement and technological innovations is communication. Communication has been made faster and easier, allowing you to send your message in seconds. In the healthcare industry, the use of the internet and technology has revitalized and changed some pertinent areas. One particular area is the scheduling of appointments by doctors and patients. Currently, the use of doctor appointment reminder systems has become quite common, thanks to its many advantages. Change is inevitable for any forward-looking company. If you are looking to invest in a doctor appointment reminder system, this article is a must-read for you.  

The need for doctor appointment applications

Before we look at the cost, it is good to justify the amount of money that you spend purchasing the software.

The beauty of a doctor appointment system is the flexibility that it allows a person. There is no need to have face-to-face interactions to set up an appointment. The application allows you to put up any important information and documents that the doctor might need. Once done, you can check for the available time slots that are favorable to you.

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has also intensified the use of internet-based software. With social distancing and curfews in place, people are avoiding physical meet-ups or reducing the number. The way to go for any service or industry is to consider the digital space. Booking for an appointment via a doctor appointment reminder app gives the patient some control and makes them feel more comfortable.

An overview of the health industry reveals that the pandemic is here to stay a bit longer. With that, the use and the need for digital healthcare applications such as doctor appointment applications are bound to increase substantially.

The cost of a doctor appointment app

Several considerations might affect the cost of your doctor appointment app. These includes: 

  • Developer’s rate. You can hire from anywhere in the world. The cost will be determined by the developer’s rate that can change from one country to another.
  • Features and services. The more complex and customized your app is the more costly it will be.
  • Other professional services. For incorporation of your software, you might need to hire other experts to ensure your application is up and running.


All things considered, a basic doctor appointment application should cost you about $20,000 to $50,000. It will cost you more to include complex features such as video functionalities and chats on your application.