7 Countries Where Gambling Is Completely Illegal

While it is a highly profitable and popular activity, gambling is not without its risks and issues, both psychologically and socially. As a result, there are some governments that don’t appreciate gambling and its great opportunities like Nextspin Slot, even in the slightest context. They have enacted statutes and laws that make it illegal for gambling dens to open in their countries. It is also illegal for online casinos to operate within those countries.

Which countries are these? Keep reading to find out more.

United Arab Emirates

The religion of Islam has strict rules and regulations when it comes to gambling. And while some might allow some form of online gambling and such, the United Arab Emirates gives no room for such leeway. The country through its Telecommunications Regulatory Authority doesn’t allow any form of gambling. Residents and foreigners who engage in such may find themselves serving up to 2 years in jails.


This is another Islamic country that holds to the religious guidelines and provisions against gambling. The legislature has put in place the Common Gaming House Act to monitor and oversee any gambling. The act has strict penalties on individuals found gambling.


Cambodia’s implementation of gambling rules is quite unique. From time immemorial, the country has had an issue with the restriction of gambling. They now have in place the Suppression of Gambling Act that doesn’t allow locals to partake in gambling of any form. However, the provisions of the Act don’t apply to a foreigner. There are casinos and gambling dens that run card games and slots for foreigners.

North Korea

Another country that follows the principles set by Cambodia is North Korea. The country protects its citizens from the potential social, psychological, and mental effects of gambling. However, it allows foreigners to take part in gambling. However, even this is highly monitored. At the time of writing, there is only a single gambling casino in North Korea in the region of Pyongyang.


You might be wondering what Japan is doing on this list, considering that it has a rich and strong cultural heritage when it comes to gambling. Some games such as Pachinko are known almost worldwide as Japanese gambling games.

The prohibition of gambling in Japan is quite a recent matter. However, the legislation in place has certain loopholes to allow for the culture and tradition of the Japanese to thrive. There are certain betting facilities and activities that are either overseen by the government or through is Japan Racing Association.


For Cyprus, terminal based gambling such as slots are allowed with a 50 machine upper limit. Also, card table games are allowed at the Melco Cyprus Resort, which is the only casino in Cyprus.

Unlike other options above, online betting is allowed, but only sports betting.


We saved the best for last, or in this case, the strictest. When it comes to prohibition of gambling, it doesn’t get any better than Qatar. Any and all forms of betting and gambling are illegal. Yes. That includes sports betting.